The mission of the ST Committee on Equipment Statistics (CES) is to serve as the leading provider of plastic mold, find a plastic molding company to save cost for your business and equipment statistics. The program’s goal is to provide the most complete, accurate, and punctual statistical reports possible on plastics machinery and/or related equipment, consistent with the needs and desires of the members, by providing information to make sound business decisions.

Currently, there are over 100 companies that participate in the CES program. If you feel you are eligible to participate in this program please contact Risikat Okedeyi at 202/974-5333.

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Cost-Saving Programs – SPI is dedicated to the advancement and expansion of the industry at every point along the plastics supply chain. SPI offers its members products and services to save them time and money, improve their productivity and enable them to stay competitive in today’s increasingly challenging international marketplace

SPI Tax$aver Program

Don’t pay more than you owe! One of SPI’s many financial solutions tools for the plastics industry, the Tax$aver Program can decrease your property taxes and increase your bottom line. It can help your company become stronger, more competitive, and more profitable. Average tax savings for participants in the program is now approaching 20%! The SPI Tax$aver Program is a partnership between SPI and The Property Tax Advisory Group (PTAG). Since the program’s introduction in 2001, 13 SPI members have saved a total of $159,000. For more information click here.

The SPI Automated Employee Recruitment Program

Job-applicant screening is easier than you think! Through an agreement with Spherion Assessment Group, SPI members get substantial discounts on this time and money-saving hiring tool. For more information click here.

Orient Me! Keep your best employees – and avoid budget-busting replacement costs. SPI, in conjunction with plastics processor Steinwall, Inc., offers Orient Me!, an orientation program that works! Orient Me! is a customizable multi-media, computer game-based orientation-training program developed by and for the plastics industry. Orient Me! can help reduce employee turnover — a key objective in any business, whether you’re hiring or not. One satisfied customer, United Southern Industries, has reported a remarkable 81-percent annual reduction in turnover since instituting the program in 2001. For more information