With the innovative concept of people’s lives and awareness of environmental protection, the production of the plastic film made of higher demand. Multi-layer coextrusion cast composite technology through a variety of different materials can meet the special requirements of product performance and appearance, such as anti-oxygen, anti-UV, high temperature steaming, low-temperature heat sealing, etc., there are such products Custom Plastic Mold Mainly used for packaging industry requires composite, the specialization of high-grade film. And to achieve the greatest degree of different materials is the key to multi-layer co-extruded composite cast composite technology innovation.

Multi-layer co-extruded cast composite technology for mold machining accuracy, smoothness, and uniformity of the die lip has a very high requirement. At present, most manufacturers of the multi-layer film, or stay in between three to five, Custom Plastic Mold as a cast film die in China’s professional manufacturer, supporting the Haig Lenzing Carolina companies to import equipment, development Out of seven coextrusion to achieve synchronization with the international advanced technology.

In early 2009, successfully developed a sincere “micro-layer co-extruded composite ” technology to achieve multiple layers of the composite overlay, products can achieve greater flexibility and significant effect of color brightness. For example, an ordinary film, the interaction of different forces due to stretching and breaking, but after spliced out of the micro-layer extruded film has very good viscosity, tear strength and flexibility it is also very strong In addition, composite films can show a variety of colors of the rainbow effect. Yiwu, Zhejiang, according to user feedback, more than 130 last year ordered two sets of multi-layer co-extruded composite products very much in line with terminal Rainbow Film production requirements. The technology and equipment innovation, not only greatly enhances the production of thin-film technology, developed in the technology field to break the monopoly, but also reduce the energy consumption of the food packaging market, automation and digital control to achieve a breakthrough.