Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum alloys are used in die casting more extensively than alloys of any other base metal. Die cast items made of aluminum are lightweight and have high operating temperature tolerances when compared to other items made with standard die casting alloys.

CNM TECH Aluminium die casting would like to be your trusted source for die castings. Our partners benefit from our knowledge and expertise in die casting technology, and look to CNM TECH to make their products better and cost less money. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for 100 parts or a million die casting parts a year; top quality, fair pricing, and on-time delivery are priorities for all orders. We are ISO 9001:2001 UL certified, have over 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and are capable of producing both zinc and aluminum alloy die castings from miniature to over ten pounds. We have an in-house machine shop and a full range of finishing services.

Our mean die casting business process is high pressure die casting, if you are interested instead in sand casting, investment casting, gravity casting or permanent mold castingss, CNM TECH has an extensive network of foundry capabilities we have built up over two decades of being in the casting and die casting business. Utilize our experience and connections to ensure you get the right metal, proper method, and best price for all your casting parts needs.Aluminium die casting

In addition to its standard alloys, CNM is now offering offering Zamak 2 zinc die casting and Magnesium die casting alloy by high pressure die casting process. Properties after aging include lower elongation, small dimensional changes and reduced impact characteristics, but it retains strength and hardness after long term exposure.

What makes CNM TECH stand out from our competition is our people. Our core management group has an average of twenty years industry experience, and with the same company! This company commitment carries over to our treatment of our customers, and the experience they bring to the table is evident from the quality products we produce.

CNM TECH also provides additional support  to our clients. Our customers that want to concentrate on their core business rely upon us to provide the hands-on and real world manufacturing experience necessary to make cost efficient, quality products. We can offer innovative concepts to increase performance, lower manufacturing costs, to improve sourcing and material options. Our facility is UL certified ISO 9001:2000 compliant, we are able to handle all the standard computer aided design formats, and have an unparalleled partner-network for additional services.High pressure die casting

At the CNM TECH High Aluminium die casting Compnay, 30 second quote system has been developed to give designers, buyers, and engineers a budgetary estimation of the costs involved in producing a die cast piece. The process of choosing the production variables to construct the thirty second quote is often more utilitarian than the quote itself and we invite you to speak to our experts about any questions that arise during the process. More often than not the preliminary quotes prove to be higher than actual production cost.

CNM TECH Aluminium die casting is actively searching for reps, agents, manufacturers’ agents or representatives, sales agencies and brokers to expand our presence in the market. We offer an attractive contractual agreement with clear language and will consider client or territory based agreements.